HSKS 5 Starting Soon!

I am so excited–HSKS 5 is about to start.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, HSKS stands for Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap.  It’s a Harry Potter-themed kit swap, with participants swapping a kit containing a handmade item (last time it was a bag), yarn, stitch markers, needles, patterns, and all sorts of fun stuff, totaling about $40 over three months. The kit is only the icing on the cake, though–the swap is super-active, with everybody taking on a character persona and the Houses competing for the House Cup.  There’s amazing camaraderie within and among the houses, and we even have Quidditch!  The swap does take some dedication, as it requires at least a weekly post on your blog and communicating with your spoilee, but it is SO MUCH FUN.  Even if you’ve never knit socks before, there’s no time like the present to jump in.

Today is the last day for signups–they close at 7 PM EST, so if you’re thinking about joining and are up to the challenge, go to http://hskswap.com.

Let the fun begin!


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I’m a part of HSKS 4, and it’s SO MUCH FUN!  I won’t give away my identity here, of course, but it IS a blast.  I have a character blog there, and it’s so much fun reacting to all the Hogwarts Happenings. =)  GO RAVENCLAW!

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Winter is upon us.

 I don’t care what the calendar says, I don’t care if there’s no snow on the ground, it was 20 degrees F outside this morning, and that’s no fall weather.  It’s winter.

 (Add it to the fact that we had the first snowfall on Sunday, even if it didn’t stick–loads of fat white flakes falling fast and heavy making me hyper at work when I looked outside, who cares if they didn’t stick?  It was snow!)

Ah, but it is not for naught.  I finally have occasion to break out my lovely Ravenclaw scarf (sans tassels, still, but I’ll get to it!) to accompany my Hatmione that I’ve been wearing for some time now.  I even finished a pair of Hermittens, but they’re still not quite done–I modified the second one to have a slot on the palm I could wiggle my fingers out of, now I have to knit the flap to go over the inside, figure out where to clip the yarn on the first one, and unravel and bind off both sides as well as knitting the flap for THAT one and sewing in some velcro so they don’t fly open.


 There’s another thing that comes with winter–blankets.  I write today in particular about a special blanket project in the works in knitblog land–the blankets for Oliver.  (scroll down to the September 22 entry). Specifically, the American blanket, organized by Kay. Since I was working on the Hermittens so I’d still have fingers with which to knit, I only managed one little yellow square, but it’s going to Kay today (well, it’s leaving me today, she’ll get it whenever it gets there, I suppose). Good luck, little square. May you bring all the good karma I can muster to whomever receives you.

Now it’s off to be part of something much bigger than itself…in more than one way.

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It’s been a while!

It’s been a while since I blogged.  I’m such a bad blogger, I am, or maybe I’m just using my limited free time to knit instead? Can’t really argue with that reason, can we. =P  Anyway, school started a few weeks ago and I really like all my classes.  Work fills in a lot of my other time, and I mostly just surf other people’s blogs and LJ communities with the rest.  I have been knitting, though–I finished my cousin’s baby blanket with a day to spare and I’m working on a set of ballband dishcloths (black borders, different-colored bumpy parts) for my recently-married (Saturday) coworker and lovely friend, S. I have three finished and the fourth on the needles–I gave her the first one at her shower and I’ll give her the other two when they come out of the wash, and of course the others as they come.  My Peace Fleece order has shipped from the runner of the coop in which I participated to buy it, and that’s going toward another big project. It’ll be the first of the Christmas knitting. =)

 I attended S’s wedding on Saturday and had a great time, so that was fun.  I was so petrified I was going to be late to the actual ceremony, but by some miracle I squeaked in about five minutes before it started–and it was a little late in starting, thankfully, so I was spared. Everything about the ceremony was beautiful, and the reception was fun.  My cousin’s baby shower was August 26th and I’m not the only one who made her a blanket, although I was the only knitter.  A couple people made quilts and another person crocheted a blanket-sized granny square. The baby is set in that department, I think, but I still have yarn to try a Pinwheel blanket for the little one. I don’t think I’ll be done with baby blankets for quite some time–I still have a few pregnant coworkers and another friend is expecting as well, so while I don’t think I’ll have the time to do anything before Christmas, it’ll still be cool.  I’m thinking of the “Sweet Baby of Mine” pattern from a Donna Kooler book–it’s knit diagonally but it’s got alternating patterns of knit and purl to form textured stripes, so it should be enough to keep me interested.  Another thing that appeals to me about diagonal blankets is that after the first half, when you might start getting tired of knitting it, the number of stitches gets smaller and smaller to push you closer to the finish line. =)  I’ll upload pictures another day, or you can find me on Ravelry–I’m starsplash there. Happy September everyone! (Can you believe fall is coming already?  I love fall, but it almost seems like it was just July a few weeks ago.)  Enjoy the cooler weather!

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I’ve been such a bad blogger lately.

Although I haven’t posted since I finished Deathly Hallows, there has been a lot of knitting going on around here.

I’m on the last go-around on the baby blanket for my cousin, and I’m marveling at how big and how soft it is.  At last look, it measured about 33″ by 34″ (not everything in life has to be square, you know! =P) with one more layer of strips to go before I could call it finished.  In a moment of silliness, I wrapped it around myself, and realized that it goes from under my arms to my knees, and it’s not done yet. Still, I’m excited.  My cousin’s shower is the 26th, and I’m sure I’ll have it done by then.  All the other baby projects I had planned (Trellis, pinwheel blanket, variety of cute hats) will just have to wait.  I’ve been thinking of making a Sheldon for the baby, and I’ll see how that goes–I made one for a friend’s Christmas present and thought it was a cute pattern.

However, there is one project deadline that I’ve had to fudge a little.  I started making a set of ballband dishcloths for my friend and coworker S, who is getting married (!) next month.  Her shower is the 19th, and I only have one done out of a planned total of six. I think I can make one more by the shower, but the rest will just have to wait until her wedding.

I’ve also got a secret project in the works for my paternal grandmother–I plan on making each of my grandmothers one, but I’m planning to make my paternal grandmother one for Christmas because I don’t get to see her very often as she lives out of state.  I just put in my order for the yarn (Peace Fleece! I’ve never worked with it, but it sounds awesome and majorly sways my sociology-major self) to a co-op in one of the communities I’m in, and in the meantime I can finish up S’s dishcloths and more baby stuff for my cousin’s impending little one.

I’m also getting ready to return to school–my brother’s first day back was today, and my mom goes back a couple of days after I do.  I’m taking some really cool classes and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone one more time before school starts and everyone goes off on their separate ways. It should be a good time. =)

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Finish Line!

As of 12:35 this afternoon, I am finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The only word I have to say is WOW.  (Of course, there are others, but that’s the first one right now.)

 The Ravenclaw scarf is done (minus tassels), the sweatervest is done (minus a neckline…I wore it to the festivities with the back neck stitches still on a stitch holder), another Ravenclaw scarf was started (trapped bars), and I’m off to recommence work on the baby blanket for my cousin’s impending little one.

 More of an update another time…I’ve got today off and plan to use it to my advantage! (I did request off yesterday, because as I said, “I’m going to be no use to anybody,” and I was partially right. I got my book at about a quarter to one and started reading it in the mall with the friend with whom I had planned everything. I read about 110 pages before falling asleep shortly after 3 A.M., got out of bed at 2:30 upon my mother coming upstairs to check on me, read some, put it down, read more, went to bed, got up, got ready for church, read a little, came home, and finished the book.


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Plenty of Progress!

I’ve been plowing along on my Ravenclaw scarf, so I find myself working on the 18th of 19 color blocks.  Although that’s fantastic and I’m so excited I’m almost done, I made a lot of progress on something else, too…

 My uniform sweater! I finished the knitting on the front and sewed up all but one shoulder seam last night (it was 3 a.m. and I was tired!). I sewed up the last shoulder seam today and immediately jammed it on over my tank top, elated.  I still have the neckline to do, but it’s on hold as I celebrate the nearly-finished glory of my first large-scale garment. =) It matches my skirt really well and looks really nice over my white shirt, so I am PLEASED.

 I’ve made two trips to JoAnn’s in two days, trying to get everything else I needed for my costume.  Although the sweater is on hold, there is a small project going forward. =D 

 LESS THAN A WEEK UNTIL THE MOVIE! =D Unfortunately, the local theater hasn’t put up showtimes yet, and according to my friend B, probably won’t until Monday.  We’re hoping for a midnight show, so we’ll see!

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Older Posts

On the Needles

Hogwarts Uniform Sweater (later style)
pattern: WizardKnits
yarn: Plymouth Encore Worsted in color 520
progress: main knitting finished, sweater seamed up, neckline added, sleeves to be added at a later date because I liked it as a vest for the summer

Log Cabin Baby Blanket
recipient: cousin
pattern: technique learned from Mason Dixon Knitting
yarn: Red Heart Baby Clouds in Baby Green, Honey Multi, Creamsicle, and Blue Sky
progress: finished, about 36" by 39"

Green baby sweater
recipient: coworker
pattern: 5-hour baby sweater with hood modification
yarn: Caron Simply Soft in dk. sage
progress: needs a few more rows on the body, then ribbon and snaps

SS/CoS Ravenclaw Scarf
pattern: loosely based on Lauren's yarn: Cascade 220 in Azure (8892) and Ginger (2414)
progress: knitting done, needs tassels

Hufflepuff beanie
pattern: thin-striped version from Charmed Knits
yarn: Plymouth Galway for the body of the hat and Lion Wool for the black stripes
progress: ribbing started

Finished Objects

Yellow baby sweater
Finished: May 30, 2007
Pattern: 5-hour baby sweater with hood modification
Yarn: Bernat Softee Baby in Lemon

Red scarf
Finished: June 7, 2007
Recipient: friend of family (retirement present)
Pattern: garter stitch, 20 st/row
Dimensions: 6" wide, 58" long
Yarn: Lion Brand Homespun in Candy Apple


In no particular order:

Trellis in pistachio Cotton-Ease

Sweet Baby of Mine blanket in Peaches 'n' Creme Summer Sky

assorted other baby stuff for my cousin

Two more hooded 5-hour baby sweaters once I do the math to make them bigger

Another Ravenclaw scarf in the second style in Swish Superwash in Deep Ocean and Copper

Hufflepuff hat for Warm Woolies

more Hokie squares

stash-buster baby blankets for Newborns in Need

throws/blankets for myself and family members


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